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Why Should You Use RightSize Realty Associates?

Moving to or from Robson Ranch Texas can be complicated. But we are intimately familiar with and specialists in Robson Ranch TX.  We know the past, present and future vision of our community.

As Robson Ranch TX homeowners ourselves, we are expert in working with you and your family to find the home that best fits your needs.  And because we live here, we are able to help you discover the various activities you may want to explore and help you get started in your new active adult lifestyle.

We have the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and other professional designations plus a commitment to continuing education. Our team knows all the best local contacts and how to  make the buying and moving in processes as painless and stress-free as as possible.

RightSize Team

Our clients work with us because of our core values:

  • People – we treat all people with courtesy and respect
  • Customer Focus – the customer is Boss. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously
  • Integrity – we ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions. We believe in doing the right thing.
  • Our Unique Culture – we hold ourselves and each other accountable, work well as a team and know we have each other’s back.
  • Our Passion for Success – we have an undying drive for success with a win-win spirit.
  • Constant Improvement – good enough never is. We celebrate our successes, but are relentlessly dissatisfied. We have a very strong work ethic!

Deborah Siefkin, BROKER/ REALTOR®


Call / Text: (940) 368-1013

Email: debsiefkin@me.com or

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Deb Siefkin has over 10 years of Residential Real Estate experience with national and local brokerages, builders, and now in her own brokerage, RightSize Realty Associates, LLC. Deb is a specialist in Robson Ranch TX, the premier active adult resort community In North Texas and other age-restricted communities. She is well known as a reliable, responsive, ethical, and trusted advisor to her clients wishing to buy or sell new or pre-owned homes in Robson Ranch TX and across all of Denton County.

Deb has lived in Denton County for over 25 years since 2001 as a Pioneer Resident of Robson Ranch. She has the in-depth market knowledge, keen senses and the specialized ability to help her clients Improve Their Lives by RightSizing their home and UpSizing their Lifestyle. Deb transitioned from working in the corporate world as an Instructional Designer to New Home Sales Consultant at Robson Communities in 2008. She decided to transition to full REALTOR® in 2010; worked at Ebby Halliday and with a few other large and small brokerages before starting RightSize Realty Associates in 2017. As a Broker, Deb prides herself in choosing the best REALTORS® possible to represent her and RightSize Realty.

For buyers, Deb assists her clients in clearly defining what they feel is lacking in their current home, community, and lifestyle. Then she helps her clients clearly define what they really want and need in a RightSized new or preowned home, in a more suitable community, and with an UpSized Lifestyle!

For sellers, Deb is a reliable, responsive, ethical, and trusted advisor who brings the market knowledge, experience and resources to price, market, sell, and close her client’s property at the best possible price and lowest days on market.

Deb has specialized training in working with buyers who are 40 years and up. She holds the following professional designations:
ABR – Accredited Buyers Representative
SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist
MRP – Military Relocation Professional
SFR – Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource
GRI – Graduate Realtor Institute
CNE – Certified Negotiations Expert
MCNE – Master Certified Negotiations Expert
NHSAC – New Home Sales Agent Certification

Her newest designation as a CRS – Certified Residential Specialist – puts her in the top 3% of agents nationally. This designation is the equivalent of earning a doctorate.

In addition to her professional designations, she holds a BS from the University of Delaware and an MS from the University of North Texas. She is a trained Lifestyle Coach as well, holding certification through the Coach Training Alliance. Deb loves helping her clients improve their lives by RightSizing their home and UpSizing their Lifestyle.

Deb has been married to “Tall Bill” since 1971. As their needs have changed over the years they’ve been here at Robson Ranch, they have built three personal homes and 6 rental homes. Currently, they’re enjoying their third new home at Robson and their new neighborhood. They have three grown children and six grandchildren, with most living in the North Texas area. Deb’s hobbies include playing with her grandchildren, travel, reading, cooking, wine-tasting, knitting, needlework, music, and opera, keeping up with friends and family, and of course, helping her clients improve their lives!



I would appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to be your representative in selling or buying a residential property in Robson Ranch. You deserve a REALTOR9® who knows and believes in the Robson Ranch community.

My wife, Monica, and I are residents of Robson Ranch and embrace the active adult lifestyle and amenities Robson has to offer. My background is Finance, Commercial Lending and Real Estate that includes permanent financing and construction.


  • Sales and Marketing
  • Lending
  • Negotiations of loans and contracts
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate sales, construction, remodeling and leasing
  • Angelo State University-Degree in Finance and Business
  • Texas Tech University-Certification in Bank Operations
  • Oklahoma University-National Commercial Lending School
  • SMU-Graduate School of Banking
  • Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)-Licensed Real Estate representative

Most recent past Employer: Fannie Mae-One of the largest secondary market provider of funds for single family, multifamily, affordable housing and seniors housing financing in the country.





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I would appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to be your representative in selling or buying a residential property at Robson Ranch. You deserve a REALTOR who knows and believes in the Robson Ranch community. 

My husband, Dave, and I are residents of Robson Ranch and truly love the lifestyle this active adult community provides. My husband currently is one the HOA Board Members and I am on the Finance Committee. Dave and I built our home and moved here from Minnesota in 2014. We looked all over the country for the community that best suited us. We chose here to live over anywhere. We took a leap of faith since we knew no one here and our kids do not live here. We made the best decision of our life. I love showing off this community, which is why I decided to become a real estate agent. Since the purchase of a home is typically the largest expenditure one will make, my experience can help guide you through the process whether you decide to build or buy a resale.

I have a BS in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. I am a Certified Public Accountant–Retired (CPA) and much of my experience was in accounting, budgeting, debt management and negotiation of contracts for local government agencies including housing authorities and utilities. This provides me with a strong understanding of real estate, financing and contract negotiations.CPA’s are required to have a high level of integrity and moral character and I will provide that to you as my client. 

Dave and I have been married since 2001. We have two grown children, one in Minnesota and the other in Missouri. My hobbies include travel, reading, golf, wine tasting, cooking, Bocce, and Texas Toss. We always say if you can’t find a club you want, join then create one. 

Dave and I have been responsible for starting several clubs that did not exist here in 2014, including Texas Toss! Giving back to the community in which you live is something I strongly believe in. I volunteer in several areas in Denton. These include mentoring at the schools, serving on the Denton Public Utility Board and special committees for both the City and School districts. This helps me not only understand Robson Ranch but also the larger community in which we live. I look forward to working with you.